Friday, September 9, 2016

Medical Instrument Should Be Free From Contamination

In the competitive market of medical equipment manufacturers and distributes it is very necessary that proper care should be that the products manufactured are according to medical industries norms and specification. Proper care needs to be taken so that they are contamination free, so that it is healthy for patience and the doctors, or the medical professionals. Also the raw materials used for the manufacturing of the medical equipment and product should be supplied from authentic supplier. Quality checks and sterilisation process should be imposed to the finished products.

Pressure monitoring line specification is one such device that requires high accurate monitoring system. The PVC tubing should be free from air bubbles; it should reduce the risk of kinking. The pressure line is used as an extension and then connected to medical instruments. It is also very important that the instrument should be E.T.O. sterile and pyrogen free. Proper measure should be taken that it reads the accurate pressure transmission so the instrument should pass the high quality check. It usually have a male and female locks to make certain that secure connection is made.

Surgical face mask manufacturers India should see that the product has the feature like it should be excellent protective barrier, should have bacteria filtration property, easy to wear so should have ear loops, etc. it is extensively used for medical purpose in operation theatre during surgery and also during other medical procedures. Disposable face mask price should be low enough so that can be extensively used by the doctors and medical professionals. Also t is used by people for keeping away dust and germs in day to day life.

3 way stop clock with extension tubing has the feature of 360 rotation capacity. Also it has rotating male connector and two female connectors. It has arrow indication on the handle to indicate the direction of the flow. It is made according to the requirement for the medical procedures.


  1. Quality checks and sterilisation process should be imposed to the finished products.
    I agree with you Sir, But this step is not properly performed now a days.

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  2. Quality checks and sanitization process ought to be forced to the completed items.

    I concur with you Sir, But this progression is not legitimately performed now a days.

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